Copper Silver Microstructure

best etchant for viewing the microstructure of copper silver additive manufactured samples

Impurities Friend or Foe?

Impurities in and on raw materials and products can substantially enhance the properties of a welded material or weaken it to such an extent that it causes complete failure of the product. This article is designed to explore the application of impurities in welded metals and how to mitigate their undesirable effects.

Welding Diagnostics

These solutions are important teaching aids and indispensable diagnostic tools; they are a simple, quick, effective and cheap way of evaluating the characteristics of a metal weld.

Enables more vibrant colours and use for...

Enables more vibrant colours and use for high-end handcrafted titanium bicycle frames.
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Metallographic specimens provide the necessary detailed information about specific localities but they cannot give an overview about the overall quality of a material unless an inordinate number of samples are taken.


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